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Fat Yak sit-on-top kayaks are manufactured in Somerset, England, by real enthusiasts who live and breathe kayaking. They are constructed from high grade polyethylene and are corrosion resistant as well as utilising the latest UV stabilisation technology to minimise colour fade and maintain strength. They are a single piece rotationally moulded design so there are no seams or joints, which gives unbeatable strength and water tightness, and they are all manufactured in accordance to BS7852.

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We are proud to be officially appointed retailers of the entire range of Fat Yak British built sit-on-top kayaks and we are massive fans of them all. Everything on a Fat Yak kayak is top quality and there is a certain design flair and attention to detail that you simply don't seem to get from many of the other manufacturers.

Fat Yak Surf Kayak

Fat Yaks feature superb moulding and the fittings are always all of the highest standard. They have sleek and stylish lines and their light weight make them a breeze to move around and load onto a car roof rack single-handed. Basically, everything on a Fat Yak kayak is of top quality and there is a certain design flair and attention to detail that you simply don't seem to get from many of the other manufacturers.

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In addition to being a Fat Yak dealership we also hire these amazing kayaks out from our Beach Activities Centre in Worthing so we have first-hand experience of living with them on a day-to-day basis. We need kayaks that are tough, safe, and easy to paddle and the Fat Yak range fits the bill perfectly.

Fat Yak Kaafu Kayak

Children as young as 6 can handle them with ease and we have even had adults weighing over 20 stone singing their praises and commenting on their amazing stability. They're so stable that we've even caught people standing up in them and using them as Stand-Up-Paddleboards! The build quality and robustness of Fat Yaks are second to none, but they are also compact and light enough to be carried up and down the beach by one person thanks to the handy grab handles and the minimal overall weight.

Fat Yak Surf Kayaks

As you can imagine, our Fat Yak hire fleet gets very used and abused. They spend all day getting bumped and scraped up and down the rocks and pebbles on Worthing Beach and then they have to sit in the blazing sun for hours on end covered in salt water. Despite all of this, we are always amazed to see how each kayak still looks so good at the end of each day.

Fat Yak Kayaks

The colours are always fresh and the toughness of the hulls means that even after extensive use there are only very minor abrasions to the underside but nothing more serious than that. We've even accidentally dropped a few of them from the top bunk of our kayak trailer straight onto the shingle beach and they literally just bounce!

Fat Yak UK

So, if you live in the UK and your beach is mostly rocks and shingle like ours then these are definitely the kayaks for you.

Buy Fat Yak Kayaks UK

Buy Fat Yak UK

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